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Programs and Activities

Christ the King offers a variety of programs and ministries that offer our members the opportunity to learn  about and practicing the Christian faith.  Our Faith Formation programs for children and adults emphasize both traditional and emerging understandings of scripture and how we can live as Christians in the world today.  Our Caring Connections ministries provide services to members within our faith community, and our Outreach ministries offer care and compassion to those outside our walls.  For information about  current offerings and ways to participate in this work, please use the drop down menu.

Organizational Structure

A number of different groups assist in managing the organizational life of the parish, including oversight of the property, finances, and other parish-wide concerns.


The Vestry has primary responsibility for decisions concerning clergy leadership, property, and finances.  There are two elected Wardens, who serve 1-year terms, and 9 elected Vestry members, who serve 3-year terms, along with the clergy.  The Vestry also appoints a Treasurer and a Clerk, who serve 1-year terms.  Vestry meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 p.m., and are open to members of the parish.  For more information about the Vestry,  click here.

Several other groups assist the Vestry in their work, including the  Stewardship Team, the Finance Committee, the Endowment Committee, and Fixers and Tenders. For more information about the work of these groups, please use the drop down menu.