In the Episcopal Church, we share in leading the worship service. This work begins well before the service starts, as the Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for worship. The Ushers welcome people as they enter the church and assist them with necessary worship materials. The Altar Servers light the candles, lead the processions, and assist the priest during the offertory and communion. The Readers share the scripture and lead the congregational prayers, and the Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest in distributing communion.

If you are interested in assisting with any of these ministries, please contact Rev. Becky for more information.

Altar Guild

Members of the Altar Guild perform a variety of “behind the scenes” tasks to prepare the sanctuary for worship and clean up following a service. These tasks include polishing brass, dusting pews, washing and ironing linens, baking bread, setting out the bread and wine for communion, and changing the hangings and banners to reflect the various seasons of the church year. Most Altar Guild members enjoy the quiet of the church as they work.


The Ushers arrive about 15 minutes before the service begins. One person stands at the outside door to greet people as they arrive, and the other person stands at the door to the sanctuary to distribute programs and answer question people might have. Once the service begins, both ushers assist with traffic flow, collecting the offering, and any unexpected emergencies that arise.

Altar Servers

The Altar Servers include a Master of Ceremonies and two servers. The MC checks to make sure all the service participants are present and, when necessary, may fill in for someone who is absent.


Our readers share the first two scripture readings with the congregation and lead the psalm and the congregational prayers.

Eucharistic Ministers

Our Eucharistic Ministers serve the chalice (with wine) to the congregation.